Les Vignes

Découvrez le vignoble, les vignes, la vinification et les cépages qui composent le Domaine Benoit Cantin

The Vines

The estate, which is only located in the IRANCY appellation area, now covers 16ha.
Tradition and respect for nature are de rigueur.
The family-run estate allows me to control the production of quality grapes on a daily basis.

- choice of quantity
- manual harvesting
- harvest sorting

The Vinification

Always concerned about the quality of my wines, from a young age I wanted to perfect my working tool, the vat room:

L'appellation - The Name

Irancy is an appellation granted to red wines made from the Pinot Noir grape variety, sometimes blended (10% maximum) with Caesar (an ancient local grape variety).

Our wines have been classified as "appellation contrôlée" since 1930, and were granted the communal recognition Irancy in 1998.

The density of plantation is 6500 vines/ha, for a yield of about 45 hl/ha. 

The IRANCY, medium-bodied, nervous in their youth, have a beautiful purple color, aromas of flowers and fruit and a good tannic support which gives them a long aging and a very special character.

Bottled after 18 months of ageing (including one year in oak barrels) these wines go very well with red meats, game and typical cheeses.

Le Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is a very old grape variety, these bunches are small and compact. Its berries, with a fine and delicate skin, are tinted with an intense color with bluish black tints. In order to take on its pretty red hue, the grapes must macerate and ferment in vats. This process brings the skins (skins) that contain the color into contact with the juice, which is colorless at first. It is a capricious grape variety and difficult to grow.

Burgundy has all the ideal conditions for the cultivation of Pinot Noir. Here it restores the smallest variations of the terroir on which it is planted, expressing itself as it cannot do anywhere else. 

The terroir

The vineyard is located on clay-limestone soils of the Kimmeridgian, is oriented south, south-east, south-west, and is by the geographical configuration exposed only to winds from west, south-west. The vineyard of the Yonne - and mainly the one of Irancy - is amoung the oldest in France. it is recognized for the quality of it's wines.

The deep slopes, their exposition and it's great terroirs, make perfect condition for the vine to express itself fully in the complexity and finesse of its product.